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Rove Hotels

Unique - We’re not like other hotels; we won’t fuss over the small stuff. Instead, we obsess over the big picture; showing you the city that we fall in love with every day, celebrating its uniqueness through our interiors, our Rovesters, our food and hospitality.


Basecamp - Although our living room is a lobby and our neighbours are famous architectural icons, we try our hardest to make you feel at home. So, kick back and put your feet up or strap up and hit the road, knowing that a Rove’s night’s sleep is never far away.


Connected  - Come on in and let us show you around. Our Rovesters are a part of this city and experts on how to make the most of it. They’re a part of our family because they reflect our hospitality so expect smiles and lots of valuable info.


Fun - Life is too ashort to take it too seriously, too often. To remember this, we’ve scattered a selection of games around the hotel. From Playstation to Jenga, Foosball to a game of cards, let the fun in and the good times roll.


Sustainable - Save energy, waste-less, re-use more! While always work in progress, we strive to be efficient at everything we do – especially our consumption. We’ve reduced our plastics along with our contribution to landfill, save on energy & water using the latest technologies and compost our food waste to feed the Earth.

Objective – choose one or both:

Topic 1: How to enhance the Rove experience for the Generation Z and Generation Alpha Traveller

Topic 2: How to attract and retain Generation Z and Generation Alpha talent to the hotel workplace



Strategies, content ideas, presentation.


Keep in mind:

-Generation Z and Alpha mindset and desires for travel behaviour and career opportunities

-Current and projected global economic factors and conditions

-Future opportunities and risks within the affordable lifestyle hotel market


Rove Hotel Stay and Dining Vouchers


Topic 1: up to AED 1 million

Topic 2: budget consideration not applicable

Our Partnering Schools
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