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 This is your chance to develop your business idea and enterprising skills, work collaboratively and pitch an idea to help support one of the three companies involved in the competition. In this competition, you will research solutions to help solve the problems that the companies are having.




How can computational thinking help you research solutions for the companies? Here are some ideas:

  1. Identify the core problems: Use computational thinking to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces. Identify the core problems that each of the three companies are facing.

  2. Gather and analyse data: Use computational thinking to gather and analyze data to inform your solutions. Use online tools, surveys and other data sources to gather information on the companies' products, services and customer demographics.

  3. Design algorithms: Use computational thinking to design algorithms that can optimize your solutions and improve the quality of your ideas.

  4. Develop applications: Use computational thinking to develop applications that can support the companies in the competition. Develop prototypes of your ideas and test them using computational tools to see how they perform.

  5. Collaborate effectively: Use computational thinking to facilitate communication and collaboration between team members. Use online collaboration tools and project management software to help keep everyone on track and working towards a common goal.

Once you have developed your solutions,
it's time to pitch your idea to the companies.
Use computational thinking to create a
compelling pitch that highlights the

strengths and benefits of your solution!

Computational Thinking
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