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EStars is an educational esports company with a flagship office in Abu Dhabi. At EStars, we are dedicated to sharing our experiences and best practices. We are proud that EStars is award-winning and recognised as the leader in educational esports.


We are proud to be the only industry experts that offer the International BTEC in Esports in the MENA region, providing students with the skills they need to succeed in one of the world's fastest-growing industries. The BTEC provides students with a skill set and practical experience recognised by employers worldwide, such as Apple, PlayStation, Samsung, Google, YouTube, and Nintendo, to mention a few.  Overall, the future of esports is bright and full of potential. As the industry continues to grow, there will be more opportunities for investors and young learners alike.



Our product

BTEC Level 2 (ages 14-16)


Pearson Education, the world’s largest education company, accredits our BTEC Level 2

BTEC Level 2 Award in Esports (equivalent to one GCSE)

Objective – Expand the business in the UAE and worldwide. 

Objective: How do we encourage students & parents to embrace the BTEC in Esports, Level 2, across all GEMS Schools?


Strategies, content ideas, presentation.


Keep in mind: 

The BTEC Level 2 in Esports is a new product that parents and students might not be familiar with. It is essential to think outside of the box on how to encourage parents to embrace BTEC Level 2 and encourage students to enrol. EStars aims to enrol 15 students for the BTEC Level 2 program commencing in March 2024.



1st Price: An Xbox and EStars branded T-shirts and Caps

2nd Price: EStars branded T-shirts and Caps


15,000 – 20,000 Dirhams

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