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2022 Adam Burfield Enterprise Award

Congrtaulations to the winners of the Adam Burfiled Enterprise Award (1).png

Congratulations to our 2022 Adam Burfield Enterprise winners. The winners for 9 to 13 categories were Orion Sandeep and Mohammad Rayan Shamsi and 2nd place Alice Cimichella from Gems Founder School. In the 5 to 8 category the winner was Aliza Siddiqui of Cambridge International School and 2nd place was Ruslana Khakimova from Gems Founder School 

2021 Adam Burfield Enterprise Award


Congratulations to our 2021 Adam Burfield Enterprise winners. Over 500 student entered this competition with over 350 teams and we are delighted to announce our winners were Elen Evans from GEMS FirstPoint School, in 2nd place Anastasia Onosova from Gems Founder School Dubai and 3rd place Aliza Siddiqui from Cambridge International School!

2020 Adam Burfield Innovation Award - Expo Award

2019 Adam Burfield Innovation Award

2018 Adam Burfield Innovation Award

Adam Burfield Innovation Award

Adam Burfield Innovation Award (ABIA) was initiated as a result of Principal/CEO, Matthew Burfield, being recognised as one of the GEMS Education Top 5 Heads of School. The great honour to be acknowledged amongst his peers included a monetary prize, 10,000 AED, that he decided to invest back into GEMS Founders School, Dubai, to support innovation.
The ABIA was held for four consecutive years at GEMS Founders School in Dubai, funded by the amount received for the award. The initiative was created to support innovative ideas from children and to facilitate the transformation of these ideas into reality. 

In 2020 this award was relaunched as the Adam Burfield Enterprise Award. This gives student opportunity to work with real life businesses. 

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