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Italtouch Trading

Our truffle is not chocolate, it’s a fungi that grows in the ground, it’s a delicacy, and trained dogs sniff them out. It only grows wild, and it’s very expensive (can reach 20,000 AED per kilo).


Truffle is associated with fine dining, with business lunches, Michelin-star restaurants, for the older richer crowd. It is used by the top chefs in top restaurants. It’s known as the “Diamond of the Kitchen”.


Truffles are highly perishable, and they are very expensive to export. It was hard to make a truffle dish outside of Italy until 10 years ago. 

However, now Italtouch has made truffles more accessible in the market. Both fresh and conserved, lots of top restaurants use our truffle. They often enjoyed truffle shaved on pasta, on truffle pizza or truffle fries.

Objective: - Make the younger generation aware of truffles by developing strategies for increasing its popularity and familiarity on social media.


Everyone today is on social media platforms. If used intelligently, it can bring a lot of success to businesses. This is the most effective method of making direct contact with the target audience.

Truffles have always been associated with Italian food, but now they're used globally. And often used in Asian restaurants. The cost of fresh truffle varies according to the availability and type. Italtouch has a website and uses Instagram to reach out to the social media world.


Strategies, content ideas, presentation.


Keep in mind: 

Italtouch is a small business. Think out of the box, think of a fresh approach.



We will pick the top three ideas. The winners will be announced on our social media. And we will award a gift basket of truffle products by Italtouch.


Budget: 15,000 – 20,000 Dirhams 

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