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SOLO Expat
Introducting you to Solo Expat

The purpose of SOLO EXPAT is to bring like-minded travel souls together. Since moving away from my home country, Ireland, I always felt pressure to figure out where my forever home should be. I've learned that ‘Home is wherever you are happy’. This brand is a gift for people who move from their home country or who love to travel. It can be a gift to remind your loved ones or yourself that there’s no expiry date to travel. 


Each chain has its own meaning with SOLO EXPAT written on one side and a Scandinavian symbol on the other. I used the symbols of love, protection, fortune and luck while traveling. Scandinavians are connected with Vikings and Vikings went overseas like us hungry travelers too!

This chain also has a special connection. As each chain is a gateway to the SOLO EXPAT COMMUNITY group I’m building on Facebook. It’s a chance for you to connect, meet a future travel buddy and share your favorite experiences. So, if you purchase one of these unique necklaces. Be sure to join the community, so we all connect worldwide and make tons of memories. 

Objective – Expand the business in the UAE and worldwide. 


Strategies, content ideas, presentation.

Keep in mind:

I would love to see Solo Expat expand worldwide; however, this must be cost effective.





15,000 – 20,000 Dirhams 

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