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Cycle World
Introducing you to Cycle World

Cycle World was established by a group of cycling enthusiasts to serve the communities of the Northern Emirates and wider UAE with their cycling journeys from first/affordable bikes to bespoke custom design editions.


For us, this means providing our customers with friendly service & advice and fantastic new and recycled bikes so that we can cover all cyclists’ needs - whether you’re an enthusiast or a complete beginner of any age.

Our aim is to run the kind of shop that we want to shop in, and we hope that you do too!

Objective - Grow the business in the UAE


Strategies, content ideas, presentation.


Keep in mind: 

During Covid-19, there was a huge demand for bicycles, so much so that bike shops could not supply enough and did not have the stock. However, the demand for bikes has now decreased and Cycle World has an excess number of bikes. How can Cycle World sell the excess stock that they now have?

Reward: Bike

Budget: 15,000 – 20,000 Dirhams 

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